Classic Charcuterie Board

Posted by Donna O'Hare on Jun 1st 2020

Classic Charcuterie Board

Need a foolproof appetizer for your next gathering? A classic and Simple Charcuterie Board is easy to assemble and offers a little something for everyone to nibble on. Grab a wood cutting board or tray, then pile on the goodies. Serve with:

-Cured meats (summer sausage, salami)

-Cheeses (recommended one soft cheese, one hard cheese and one blue cheese)

-Crackers (use something sturdy, Triscuits are a great and come in many flavors)

-olives (green or black)

-Fresh fruit and Garnish (use in season fruits, such as grapes or apples)

-Dried Fruit (apricots or figs or plums)

-Honey (Jams and preserves are great too)

-Mustard (Dijon or Whole grain)

-Nuts (Pistachios, Almonds)

- Cornichons

Using different size bowls add height and depth for a great presentation. They are great to lean crackers against, pile dried fruit next to, stack cheese by, etc. And don’t forget the serving knives and spoons.


-Place all jams, preserves, mustards, or dips into small bowls or shallow dishes and place on the board. Add meats and cheese, placing larger items like sliced meats and blocks or slices of cheese on the board first. Add crackers, bread next, spacing them out on the board, Fill in gaps on your board with fresh and/or dried fruit. Add garnish and serve immediately or chill until ready to serve.