Realtor Gifting Program

Posted by Donna O'Hare on Aug 5th 2020

Realtor Gifting Program

Donna’s Gift Creations offers a full-service Realtor gifting program. We know you are busy and always want to make a great impression with your clients. Our program is easy and affordable. We work within your budget to provide a personalized and fully customizable gift baskets.

Since our Custom Baskets are one-of-a-kind, view our Instagram page 

 for the most current creations and inspiration.

-Closing gifts: We will help you create something unique that your client will remember. The key is to make it personalized. We’re always “ thinking outside the basket” with unique containers; serving bowls, coolers, wooden crates, ice buckets, planters, you name it!

- Pop-by gifts: Small gifts given out monthly to clients face-to-face. It is intended to deepen your relationship and provide that opportunity to connect. We can add a catchy “tagline” to make it fun and memorable.

-Referral/Thank you gifts: Referrals are the lifeline of your business. Don’t forget to thank that special person with a one-of-a-kind gift make especially for them. Include your own branding items too; cards, pens, mugs etc.

The Realtor gifting program is designed to impress your clients and leave them feeling appreciated!

Check out the current custom gifts for our Realtors on the FB page: